Eco-Friendly Vegan Lotion Bars




  1. Heat the wax and cocoa butter in a glass bowl in the microwave or using a double boiler on the stove. Monitor carefully while heating, stirring occasionally.
  2. Add the coconut oil and stir.
  3. Let cool slightly (before wax starts to solidify), then add in essential oils, if using.
  4. Pour your mixture into your silicone mold of choice. Add dry ingredients, if using, such as exfoliants or dry herbs.
  5. Pour remaining liquid in an old tin or glass jar.
  6. To speed up cooling, place molds in the freezer. Be sure they are completely solidified before removing from molds.


- Keep the room well ventilated.- Use dedicated equipment if possible - the wax sticks to everything.

Recipe Variations:

  • Want something to take on a backpacking tripUse citronella to make a natural bug repellant lotion. Add peppermint, cedar, lemongrass, and/or geranium essential oils for added outdoorsy appeal.
  • Need something to help you relax after a long work day? Use lavendar, rose, ylang ylang, chamomile and/or vanilla oil for a calming nighttime blend.
  • Want something to energize you in the morning? Use grapefruit, sweet orange, rosemary, eucalyptus, or juniper berry.
  • Planning a day out in the sun? Make your own reef-safe sunscreen barsAdd 1 teaspoon red raspberry seed oil +/or carrot seed oil. Add ¼ cup non-nano zinc oxide* (less or more zinc oxide based on your personal preference for opacity vs.  protection). 

Find organic essential oils here*


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