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My zero waste lifestyle was recently featured in the local Omaha area news!

Zero Waste Omaha: Sustainable City Guide

My zero waste journey started when I moved back to Omaha in 2015 after being away for over a decade. Now I feel fully integrated back in the community and much more comfortable with a “mostly zero-waste” lifestyle. Along the way, I have met many others with similar personal sustainability goals (like those in our Zero…


Conscious Consumerism is Not a Lie…As Long as you Do it Right

I wrote this in response to a March 1, 2017 Quartz.com article entitled “Conscious Consumerism is a Lie. Here’s a Better Way to Save the World”. This article was written by Alden Wicker, co-founder of EcoCult, and a strong advocate for sustainable living. I assume we have very similar goals and both only want what…


Indoor Air Quality is More than Plants: Radon and other Concerns

In the natural living community, we spend a lot of time on preventing toxins in our home. We’ve replaced our cleaning solutions with natural alternatives. We are more aware of the chemicals in our consumer goods and beauty products. We have decided organic food is worth every penny. Plants line our south-facing windows year-round helping…


How I Travel Carbon-Free (Without Purchasing Offsets)

As described in my 30-Day Eco Challenge email course, I’m not a fan of purchasing carbon offsets. I see these as more than just an investment in the planet’s future. By purchasing carbon offsets, you are also investing in someone else’s financial future. Saving that money for your own renewable energy investments, or for donations to…


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